I see citizens coming together and building a bond

The lawyer is in no mood to hurry and replicate this clean-up crusade across the city’s beaches any time soon.As weeks went by, local residents seemed keen on participating in the initiative."I decided that hybrid injection molding machine Manufacturers I should do something. In fact, Academy winner Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his dedication to save the planet, even shared a video of Afroz’s campaign on Instagram. Of course, I could file a public interest litigation (PIL) at the Bombay High Court and invite the court to pass orders, or I could complain to local municipal authorities about the issue. But Afroz will let you know that it took 85 weeks to get the 2. He is also happy that the exercise to beauty the beach has also turned into a chance to bond with locals. So, when 33-year-old lawyer Afroz Shah took to Twitter to share a photo of the Versova beach that he cleaned up with his team of volunteers, it created a buzz on social media, and even support from Bollywood celebrities. Frustrated by the amount of garbage, the lawyer teamed up with his 84-year-old neighbour, the late Harbansh Mathur, who shared his enthusiasm for a clean beach. And that starts with each one of us working at the ground level. "It was difficult to take a walk on the beach since you would be stepping onto plastic, and not the sand," complains Afroz.

"They are ready to help you — all it needs is a nudge from your side."A lot of people even asked why I was bothering to clean it up, since it is going to be as dirty the next day, or they would comment saying that it is impossible to clean this up," says Afroz, about his campaign. But I realised I wanted to be a part of the solution by taking matters into my own hands. "Pooja Bhatt, Subhash Ghai and Pooja Bedi too stepped forward and got their hands just as dirty," he reveals. He visited schools, colleges, and broadcast the upcoming clean ups on Facebook.If you were to spend a moment thinking about Mumbai’s beaches, it is highly possible that images litter piles dotting the shore will come to your mind.5 km stretch to look spotless.

"In a way, I see citizens coming together and building a bond amongst themselves, and nature," he states. The BMC supplied the machinery and even workers to take care of the garbage from the sea," he states. So far, Afroz and his team have managed to clean a whopping 5.It was in October 2015 that lawyer Afroz Shah decided to manually clean the Versova beach. The local municipal authorities too came forward when Afroz approached them for help.. There is no point taking over projects, and then doing a shoddy job of it," he concludes."He adds, "We see wallpaper-worthy images of pristine beaches abroad, but now it is time that we have a few in our city."Afroz and Harbansh religiously set out on Sundays to clear plastic bags, cement sacks, glass bottles, pieces of clothing, and shoes. "Mumbai has 19 beaches but I want to take over every project one at a time.3 million kg of trash from the beach. He has his reasons. About 50,000 kg trash was removed during the first clean up. A few Bollywood celebrities too chipped in.Afroz now spends three to four hours a day during the weekends beautifying the beach

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